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Visit our Rankings table to see how Singapore compares to other countries. Add country for comparison. Singapore. The OECD is working with ASEAN countries to foster the development of competition policy and more pro-competitive regulation. Reviews of regulatory constraints. Singapore is not a third-world county since it has joined the ranks of first-world countries. However, Singapore, up to , was still viewed as a developing.

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Singapore's economic freedom score is , making its economy the freest in the Index. Singapore is ranked 1st among 39 countries in the Asia–Pacific. Singapore is a densely populated city state in South-East Asia. It sits south of the Malay Peninsula, across the Johor Straits. The country is made up of. Singapore previously had been under the sovereignty of the British Empire since the early 19th century. After gaining its independence from the British Empire.

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The city of Singapore is the capital of the Republic of Singapore. WHO Region: Western Pacific Region. Country Office Website Travel Advice. Singapore is a prosperous city-state located just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. With the exception of its occupation by Japan during World War. Southeast Asia consists of ten countries that cover an area of million square miles. In alphabetical order, these countries are: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar).