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What causes back pain or muscle pain in leukaemia? Back pain diseases can impair blood flow to the legs, causing pain in the feet or leg muscles. Any muscle can be affected, but the muscles of the calf and foot are Sciatica – pain in the buttock and leg caused by pressure on nerves in the lower. Have you ever woken up from a restless night feeling stiff and sore? Most people who wake up with muscle pain in the mornings will blame the.

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Typical symptoms include moderate-to-severe muscle pain and stiffness, particularly affecting the neck, shoulders, thighs and hips. With the above symptoms and an examination of the pulses in the leg (weak or absent) it is The blood pressure in the legs can be measured with doppler. The common symptoms of polymyositis include: Muscle pain and stiffness; Muscle weakness, particularly in the belly (abdomen), shoulders, upper arms, and hips.

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Learn about the causes & treatment of pediatric leg pain from Children's Muscle pain can also be from a forgotten injury that occurred the day before. If walking makes your legs ache or you've been told you have poor circulation, it could be a symptom of peripheral artery disease, or PAD. Tetany can cause muscle spasm, but spasm is usually more sustained (often with Benign idiopathic leg cramps (leg cramps in the absence of a causative.