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Phoenix Family Medical Clinic is a convenient and efficient provider of medical care for Valley families. We accept most health plans and no-insurance. Foothill Family Clinic offers comprehensive health care at 3 locations in Salt Lake County and provides onsite lab and x-ray facilities. Bridge City Family Medical Clinic is a Portland-based clinic offering a full range of primary care, naturopathic, mental health, and LGBTQ-friendly services.

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If you have a Primary Care Provider at West Coast Family Medical Clinic, telephone, video, and in-person appointments are now available. These appointments can. If you would like to receive more information or request an appointment at Family Medical Clinic, please call or fill out the form below. Doctors Health Group, Inc. contracts with QRS, Inc. to provide healthcare technology services to two of its clinics, Paragould Doctors Clinic and Piggott Family.

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The Family Medicine Center uses the family practice model of care, providing comprehensive healthcare for you and your family. We care for all ages, from. Officer Family Medical Clinic is a brand new establishment that is purposely built in Officer to serve the medical needs of the community. The medical clinic is. Our Staff. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California, the Sierra Family Health Center is a rural health center that has been providing full-.